Sugar Staff Travel & Hotel

If you are a Reseller, please visit the Reseller Info Page.



Hotel accommodations for SugarCRM SKO FY’22 will be booked for all Sugar Staff once you have completed your registration. After completing your registration, you’ll receive a detailed confirmation email. Hotel reservation confirmation will be sent out in late February.


Please book your flights prior to registering. Please note, all flights should be booked through our travel partner TripActions and flights booked on your own will not be reimbursed. Once you receive your flight booking confirmation you will be responsible for any change/cancellation fees, which will not be reimbursed. If you need to change your flights because you are a President’s Club winner, please email

Arrival date: Monday, March 1, 2021*

*APAC and Europe staff or SEs attending the sales training are permitted to arrive on Sunday, February 28, 2021. All other earlier arrivals must be pre-approved. Please send a request to

Departure date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Departure date for President’s Club Winners: Thursday, March 4, 2021

*All departures later than this date must be approved. Please send a request to

Attendees should arrive at the hotel by 6:00 PM on Monday, March 1 in order to attend the Welcome Reception at 7:00 PM. SugarCRM SKO FY’22 will conclude on Wednesday, March 3 at 1:30 PM.

Expense Policies for SugarCRM SKO FY’22

During the event, expenses for food and beverage will not be reimbursed. This includes:
– March 1 – Dinner will not be reimbursed
– March 2 – No meals will be reimbursed
– March 3 – Lunch will not be reimbursed

On approved travel days, T&E will be reimbursed according to the company’s current expense policy.

For any group functions or entertainment outside of what is listed here, please submit a request to your manager for pre-approval. Include names, roles, purpose and estimated cost. Without pre-approval, the expense will not be reimbursed.

For any individual expense that exceeds $100, please submit a request for pre-approval. Without pre-approval, the expense will not be reimbursed.

If you are traveling on a day that is different from the approved travel dates above, SugarCRM will not reimburse any expenses incurred.

Extending Your Stay

Sales staff wishing to extend their stay must apply for PTO and seek approval from their Geo VP, prior to making travel arrangements. Note, SugarCRM will not reimburse any additional travel or hotel costs beyond the approved travel dates for staff only. Staff are responsible for any additional travel costs incurred due to extended stays or guests etc.

Travel Visa

If you are traveling internationally, please visit the Travel Visa page for necessary information.

COVID-19 Update

While it’s our hope to meet in person, SugarCRM’s executive staff puts safety and health above all else. We are implementing several measures to ensure the safety of our attendees. These include providing masks,  ,  , seating arrangements that are spread apart, hand sanitizer stations and enhanced cleaning practices by the hotel.

In the event that it becomes unlikely for us to travel and gather, we’re prepared to shift to a virtual model. If this decision has to be made,